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Only the lull I like. A diary of the common

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“Sometimes I see the life of others as a mirror, with both good and bad consequences. I can see myself perfectly reflected, my thoughts in their eyes, my actions in their hands; and the objects they create, as a vehicle for understanding.”
Only the lull I like. A diary of the common is a story, fictional or real—or both—that takes place in the Barcelona of the 1920’s, where the Barrio Chino was known as a neighbourhood for the immigrant and rejected. But in it, there was a whorehouse named Madame Petit that was a sort of melting pot where all layers of society met, the poor, the rich, the queers and the thieves. When trespassing the moral threshold of this place, a new world would emerge.

Carlos Lanuza is an architect, writer and researcher. His interests are on the crossroads of architecture, art, and the social millieu. Only the lull I like. A diary of the common is the winner of dpr-barcelona writing grant 2021 for Future Architecture..

Autor: Carlos Lanuza.

Masa: 200 g.

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